Weight loss results through consistency

Weight loss results through consistency

Transformation – Salina

Going into more detail on a video I posted a few weeks back.
Salina was actually one of my first employees. She helped build my fitness training program when I was in Southern California and was an integral part to its success.

Shortly after her hire, I decided to allow employees to train for free and she took full advantage. She would train with the morning group before she started her work day with me and then a second job at the YMCA in the early evening.

Over the span of 4 months , she lost 50 pounds due to following the training plan and staying consistent on her eating plan while working more than 40 hours per week. Full body workouts were the key. The entire body is a linked chain which reacts negatively to imbalances.

Results are always possible with proper planning and proper coaching. “Consistency over time always beats quick results”.

Sad to say , one of the reasons I decided to close down the gym was because she moved on to a management position with the YMCA. Continued success to her and her future endeavors.

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