Basically writing this quick post as I had a individual on my email list get into a long back and forth with me about not liking the content of a newsletter.

This individual kept trying to tell me why she was right and I continued to inform her a multitude of times , please unsubscribe. She always threatened to send the email to her lawyer, friends , and family which I encouraged her to do.

The moral of the story is don’t waste your time doing stupid stuff; remove yourself from the situation and do something more productive with your time. A friend gifted a Dave Ramsey book to me and one part that resonated was that you have people doing work they don’t love ( or at least like) , create an exit strategy which may take 1 month to 5 years but figure it out and remove yourself from the negativity. Do all of this with gazelle like focus was the term used.

Link back to Daves article about gazelles.

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