The multi level marketing myth.

I have had some people ask questions about the MLM product I promote. First off let me say MLM isn’t for everyone. Second you have to believe in the product. Third is its not a get rich quick or get rich at all scheme, it’s a supplement. A lot of information in this article was taken from
The positives are if you believe in your product , get the desired result the product states it will get you , share that with everyone you know , and help build up people , you can become successful.

The negatives are people portray false images of success at the expense of a depleted bank account. I had an acquaintance who purchased a BMW to act like they made it to a certain level in the company and did not.
The other major knock is as you get to higher levels of revenue , your entire organization has to maintain that same productivity so residual income is only a reality if you maintain your organization. As we all know, people may be enthusiastic for a few weeks or months , but the desire to improve definitely wanes.

This is my transparent assessment of MLM and I am proud to continue promoting BodyByVi.

Continued success,


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