After reading this Dave Ramsey book which was a gift , he provided an example of a student who wanted to go to school for free. She spent the summer applying for scholarships. 1000 scholarships to be exact. She was told no 962 times and the 38 scholarships she received resulted in $38000. She went to college for free.

Moral of this story is you have to be prepared for rejection but ready for success. In multiple business ventures such as multi level marketing , real estate investments , and buy and sell transactions , you will be told no a lot but keep going and fighting through the wall. The wall will give out or you will.

Its a a numbers game so be prepared for rejection.

Its a a numbers game so be prepared for rejection.

The same principles apply to fitness and what you do or don’t do in the gym. You have to put in your time. I was reading an article about a fitness model who stated she spends 3 hours a day, 320 days per year in the gym. You have to be dedicated and you will always get the results you deserve.

As always if you need assistance in creating your fitness and nutrition program, please contact me.

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