Finding this is one of the keys to success. A friend of mine posted a picture of a pie chart listing the major categories for life and it caused me to reflect quickly on what aspects of my life may be out of wack.

Now when you glance at this chart , one thing may be taking over more than it should. Recognize the problem and fix it immediately. Also recognize some problems cannot be fixed such as the fact that I took on more responsibilities than I should have in the work , personal growth and health/fitness sections of the chart causing me to get sick for more than a week.


Another example , a few weeks ago, I spent so much time on career/power and money\finances that I didn’t get a chance to complete this article which for me fills the category of fun/recreation and personal growth.

If you haven’t , look at the chart above and decide how much time you are spending on each and where changes need to be made. Everyone wakes up with the same currency every day , 24 hours so spend them wisely.

Check out a throwback to one of my earlier sessions.



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