Staying consistent is something I’ve always tried to focus on so Im trying to consistently mail you at least once a week. There’s always something that’s going to come up but I’ve realized that you just have to push through with family, work , and other stuff and hopefully finding some time for yourself.

We all have commitments that are probably too numerous to list in one quick message but make a plan for your day and try to stick to the plan. It’s the best way to build those habits which take about 21 days to form.

I remember when I first started my training business at a park with 4 clients and had to improvise because the two months that it rains in Southern California can affect your clients results for the negative.

On another note, I have committed myself to the Challenge. If your ready to join the team , fill out the contact information form at THIS LINK

If your trying to start immediately , check out one of my first videos on YouTube shot in the back room of my house. The camera quality is not so good , but it’s a start. Everybody has to start somewhere, if you dont have money , you should have time, and if you dont have time , you should have money.



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