I was shown how to change the cartridges in person by a pool professional. I recommend doing this at least once. Also watch the videos of the pros on youtube.
Sometimes talking to different professionals you get differing opinions. 1 stated that the net on the air bleed isn’t that important and another states that it is very important. I ordered a air bleed supply.
The cartridges are one of the easiest parts to change and most information I have is you should clean twice a year. I’m replacing mine because the PSI was above 30 so I’m assuming that it’s working harder to get the work done.
The research states the non OEM equipment is just as good as the original from Pentair. You would have to try it out yourself as this is the first time not using OEM equipment.
Checking the condition of the top manifold upon replacement of the filters is a must. Have fun with the process and learning new techniques but don’t be afraid to call a professional.
I’m addition I needed to make some changes to my pool sweep, a Polaris.
Im working on the video edits for YouTube at the moment so check back for  both.

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